Yips is a condition that affects some golfers whilst they are putting. The yips is a term for jerky movements that get worse when the player is anxious and can cripple their putting and chipping skills.Yips is a condition which is well known in the Golfing community, but generally unheard of outside of this.

Can Hypnotherapy help? Yips is a purely psychological problem,given the fact that the players affected usually don't have a physical problem with controlling their hands, wrists and arms generally.

Some researchers say it is severe anxiety, and that every time the player comes under pressure, it causes them to reinvest in, or revert back to, an earlier stage of learning.

There is a strong opinion that there is an emotional element to it, as you also see it in other sports, such as darts and cricket.

The cause may well be stress of anxiety, and the problem with this is that it won't get any better if the sufferer already believes that it's going to happen to him again. If this is the root cause, then Hypnotherapy certainly could help.

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