What are the benefits?

Virtually everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy, given that no one is performing to their full potential. However, it’s not just potential that hypnotherapy can address, but a person’s desire to bring about positive changes to their current negative ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Rather than resorting to drugs, what better way to solve a client’s problem or condition than using their own natural inner resources.

People underestimate the capabilities of their own mind to do themselves good, as well as harm. Provided a client is motivated to change, with expert help with Hypnotherapy, they can achieve all their realistic goals.

Problems other than a client’s main reason for attending therapy sessions can also be addressed. For example, if a client comes to us to address weight control, but also has a problem in one or two other areas, such as confidence or anxiety, or low self esteem, we can also address these problems as part of the therapy.

Apart from treating problem conditions, we can also help clients achieve personal ambitions, such as excelling at a chosen sport or improved performance at work.

The list of problems which we can help you with is long and varied, and clients are often surprised at the range of conditions that can be addressed through Hypnotherapy.

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