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YOU CAN Lose Weight!

Do you want to be Slim? Have you tried diets and slimming clubs without success? Then it's time to succeed with the Best Weight Loss System in the World

Gil Taylor has been trained by Paul McKenna and can help you to lose weight, get to your target weight, AND maintain it for the rest of your life - without dieting, without effort, and without pressure.

Have you tried diet after diet without success? Perhaps you are, or have been a member of a slimming club or organisation? Diets are only short term solutions, that’s why there are so many around! If dieting was a solution, then more people would be successful at it. Dieting sends all the wrong messages to the Unconscious mind, as indeed does the pressure of being in a peer group, such as a slimming club. With Hypnosis, NLP, and Coaching, we aim to get you back to being comfortable around food. So much so, that you’ll be able to lose weight without dieting, and without pressure. And having reached your target weight, you can maintain it through the rest of your life. Yes! Not short term, but a permanent solution is what we aim for.The solution we offer is a way of life, a way of being in control of how you feel around food, so that you can eat what you want, whenever you want and still maintain your target weight. At Sequence Hypnotherapy & Coaching, we will tailor make the right plan for your lifestyle.

Everybody is different, that’s why we will discuss at length with you your aims and objectives, before putting together the right plan to help you achieve your goal.

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