Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS generally affects people, mostly men, in their 20s & 30s. It is considered in many circles as a collection of symptoms and not a medical condition. Many sufferers look to their doctor for relief from the symptoms, and may eventually be told that “It’s all in the mind, you must learn to live with it.”

It’s considered that the primary cause of IBS is Stress NOT Food. The system has it’s own controller and is part of the Fight or Flight mechanism. There is a constant muscular action of squeeze and relax throughout, even if there is no food present. If the system works too slowly, the subject will get constipation, and if it works too quickly, then loose stools (Diahrrea) will result.

Many eminent medical practitioners believe that the only route to recovery from the symptoms of IBS is Hypnotherapy, as there appears to be no known organic cause. Hypnotherapy has in many cases totally cured sufferers of IBS, and provided that the subject is responsive to the therapy, then real progress can be made within 4 to 6 sessions of therapy.

It must be noted however that some sufferers respond poorly or not at all, due to an underlying agenda, the 3 principle reasons being:
People who put their condition down to diet and are constantly experimenting with food, People who regularly attend self help groups as this sort of contact very often makes the problem worse, and People who inwardly see their situation as an excuse for attention, or a way of getting out of work.

At Sequence Hypnotherapy we have successfully helped many IBS sufferers take control of their symptoms, and provided that the client has sought Professional Medical advice, and had their symptoms diagnosed as IBS, we are happy to work with sufferers to help them take control.


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