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Stop Smoking

How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Quit Smoking

Have you tried to quit smoking time and time again without success? Hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most effective way to help smokers, even lifetime smokers quit the habit. Smoking is something that every smoker had to learn, nobody enjoyed their first cigarette, the body’s natural defences make smoking such a poisonous gas an immensely uncomfortable experience. Most smokers started through peer pressure, and forced their body’s natural defences to believe that it is a pleasurable experience. Once learned, the body accepts the poisons, and craves more if they are withdrawn. The good news is that anything that has been learned, can be un-learned. Through hypnosis we can help smokers un-learn that dangerous and debilitating habit, usually in just one session.

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How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Beat Those Phobias

Phobias are extremely common. Sometimes they start in childhood for no apparent reason, sometimes they emerge after a traumatic event, and sometimes the develop from an attempt to make sense of an unexpected and intense anxiety or panic (e.g. “I feel fearful, therefore I must be afraid of something”). People aren’t born with phobias, Phobias are just some bad programming, causing the unconscious mind to try to protect the phobic from an imagined or non existent threat. Under Hypnosis, we can remove that bad programming, and replace it with positive programming, and this all happens whilst the subject is in a delightful relaxing state.

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Weight Loss

How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Lose Weight

Have you tried diet after diet without success? Perhaps you are, or have been a member of a slimming club or organisation? Diets are only short term solutions, that’s why there are so many around! If dieting was a solution, then more people would be successful at it. Dieting sends all the wrong messages to the Unconscious mind, as indeed does the pressure of being in a peer group, such as a slimming club. With Hypnosis, NLP,  and Coaching, we aim to get you back to being comfortable around food. So much so, that you’ll be able to lose weight without dieting, and without pressure. And having reached your target weight, you can maintain it through the rest of your life. Yes! Not short term, but a permanent solution is what we aim for.

At Sequence Hypnotherapy & Coaching, we will tailor make the right plan for your lifestyle. Everybody is different, that’s why we will discuss at length with you your aims and objectives, before putting together the right plan to help you achieve your goal.

Fear of Public Speaking

How NLP and Hypnosis can help you overcome your Fear of Public Speaking

Many people suffer from a fear of Public Speaking. A combination of NLP and Hypnosis can help you take control this problem, so that you can stand up in front of an audience and deliver your address Calmly and with Confidence.

Panic Attacks

How NLP and Hypnosis can help you Take Back Control of your life

Many people who suffer from Panic Attacks also suffer from Claustrophobia, making the problem even more difficult to live with. But you don’t need to live with Panic Attacks and/or Chlostrophobia, a combination of NLP and Hypnosis can help you take back control of your life.

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Sleeping difficulties

How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Sleep At Night

Going to bed at night should be a good feeling, that time at the end of the day when you can just relax, have a peaceful, restful sleep, and wake up the next day feeling refreshed and alert. But if you suffer from insomnia, going to bed is a time of day which you dread. Falling asleep sounds easy, but the reality is many people struggle with it on a regular basis. They lie in bed at night tossing and turning, their minds racing with worries and lists of things to do. As the minutes turn to hours the night seems never ending

Your unconscious mind is what helps your body function and regulates many of your automatic behaviours. Using hypnosis to access your unconscious mind, and take away the underlying stress related triggers, coupled with relaxation therapy techniques, we can help you get back on track to having a normal healthy night’s sleep, every night, without medication, leaving you to wake up each morning feeling rested and refreshed!

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How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Rid Yourself of Bad Habits

Habits such as nail biting, finger picking, hair pulling, the list is endless are just acquired or learned responses which are regularly manifested. Anything that has been learned, can be un-learned. By using hypnosis to re-program the unconscious mind, all those bad habits can be removed forever, and at the same time we can address any other issues you may have, like anxiety or stress.

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Fear of Flying

How Hypnosis & NLP can help you conquer your Fear of Flying

What is it that allows one person to happily throw himself out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane at 10 thousand feet, whilst another is terrified of even boarding an aircraft? We’re all basically the same, there is really no need to be fearful of travelling on what has been proven to be the safest form of transport. The fear of flying can be made up of four main fears, and usually all four are present to some degree in most people who have a fear of flying. The four main fears are: Lack of control, Fear of confined spaces, Fear of heights, and Mental blocks (this is an imagined scenario in the mind, like an aeroplane crashing for instance) Everybody is different, that’s why at Sequence Hypnotherapy & Coaching, we will discuss at length with you, your fears and assess your own particular situation before planning the hypnotherapy session. And to show you that we are particularly keen to help you climb aboard that aeroplane with confidence, the hypnotherapist who will conduct your session is also a trained qualified pilot!

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How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Gain Confidence

Nobody has to be under confident, in fact anyone can be completely self confident. Self confidence is the ability to believe in ourselves. Lack of self confidence can hold people back from achieving what they are really capable of achieving. Most people are not performing to their true potential anyway, and lack of self confidence can cause people to miss out on life’s opportunities.

Lack of self confidence manifests itself in many ways, probably the most common being uneasy about being with other people, public speaking and the like. Lack of self confidence is very often linked to low self esteem, and the two dispositions feed off each other. People are not born under confident, it’s a condition that usually starts at an early age, and develops as time passes. What we can do to help correct the problem using Hypnosis, is to re-programme the self-image and boost self-esteem. We can teach the unconscious mind to find new and better ways of coping with the outside world and everyday situations.

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Exam Nerves

How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Beat Those Exam Nerves

You’ve studied all year, you know that you’ve got the capacity to pass those exams, but nerves are about to taint your performance. The more you think about it, the more you think you’ll fail. And the main problem is…….because you think you’ll fail, you probably will.

As Henry Ford said: “Whether you believe you can do something or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right.”  Under Hypnosis, we can re- program your unconscious mind to remove all those doubts, and replace them with good positive empowering thoughts, allowing you to walk into those exams with complete confidence. Maybe it’s your driving test that you’re worried about? We can help you with that too!

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How Hypnosis & NLP can help you Beat Your Gambling Habit

Many people today are making their lives a misery by having a gambling habit. With the advent of online gambling, and 7 day betting shops, the problem is getting more and more serious in society. In extreme cases, people are losing their homes, their partners, and their families. It’s a downward spiral, but one that we can help you with at Sequence Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be one of the most successful methods of breaking habits, such as gambling. So why not call for a confidential chat about your problem, for the price of a phone call, you could be taking the first positive step towards beating that problem for good.

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