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Stress Management

      Stress Management Cheshire

In today's fast moving, pressured environment, it's easy to get stressed - we can teach you how to take control, Raise your Self Esteem, and Take your Confidence to New Heights.

In a typical session we will work with you on:

·        The Definitions of stress – what does it look like?

·        Stress as an occupational health hazard

·         Work related stress

·         Recognising workplace stressors

·         Recognising home and personal stressors

·        Strategies for dealing with personal stress

·        Tools and Techniques for proactive self help – reducing and managing stress, taking control, reframing situations positively, relaxation techniques

·        Techniques for alleviating anxiety

·        Techniques for raising Self Esteem

·        Techniques for raising Self Confidence

·         Motivation techniques

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