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Corporate Services

Hypnotherapy Cheshire

Corporate Services

Many companies offer a “Wellbeing Program” for their employees. As part of that program, we can offer an on site Hypnotherapy service, helping your employees with such issues as:



Weight loss

Fears & Phobias

Smoking Cessation

Management of Change

And many more......

It has been proven that increasing stresses and pressures in the workplace today create a huge drain on human resources in British businesses. A happy and stress-free employee is far more productive than an unhappy one, so why not give your employees the opportunity to take control of their lives, and help create a better working environment. Contact us today for more details of our programmes.

England Smoking Ban

Even though the ban on smoking in public places has been in place for over 5 years now, many of your employees who smoke may still be struggling to cope with their addiction. This could lead to poor productivity, and even more days off  sick. Why not give your employees the opportunity to quit the habit using the method that has been proven to be the most effective  - hypnosis. We’ve helped many smokers quit the habit forever, usually in just one session.